Hey there readers, well I just wanted to let everyone know I am now not going to be on here as much, it will probably be once a week or less. I am planning my wedding, doing finals, moving, all that super stuff. Thanks for reading so far and please continue to, I will be on, just not a whole lot because classes are wrapping up and I am have so much on my plate. Thanks again though and please continue to read whn I have postings.

Okay, so I was browsing on the internet, and anyway I found this really cool website. It’s for writers, people like me. Anyway, if you are trying to improve your writing and what not, this is a great site to just go and take a look at. It is writing help for all different kinds of writing. It’s not just one type of writing, but ALL types. Nonfiction, to screenwriting, poetry, all of it. So I thought I would post this here just hopefully to get some people’s attention. So click here and take a look at it and browse around.

Okay, so I am really really excited!!!! Ahhhhhh. So my fiance and I got the house that we have been working so hard on getting. It has literally taken a couple of months, but we got it and tomorrow will are going to start moving, it makes me so happy and excited. I can barely contain it.

Tonight we even went out there to drop some things off and I kept just getting really really excited. So, I just felt like sharing that because of the fact that I am really really excited. Now I will actually go and write a post that I should be writing and not this.

Hey there everyone, so I just thought you know, I kind-of feel like entering a journal entry, and then I might make another post that is more of just some pictures I took. So it snowed today…sadly, but on the upside I am finally a homeowner. Yes, my fiance and I closed on the house we have been working so hard to get, and we are planning to move this weekend. I am so excited. Oh, and this is off topic, but I just wanted to let everyone know, the poems on my site, they are mine, I know they sound kind-of cheesy, but they are poems I wrote when I was a lot lot younger, and I was going through them the other day and thought you know, I think I want to post them. That way if I ever lose the printed copies I have them online. Just because. 

So I hope everyone else is doing good out there, and hopefully viewing my site, it would be nice. Still haven’t gotten any comments, but I think I have discovered that this is more of a reading kind of blog, not a commenting one. At least that is what classmates have told me lately. Anyway, hope you all have a spectacular night, and I will write again tomorrow.

A Writer’s Dream

A writer does not want money, or popularity;
For that would not be a writer’s dream.
A writer’s dream would not be big;
As a matter of fact, it is very small.
A writer does not want a hall of fame or even a board game!
That is definitely not a writer’s dream.
A writer’s dream would be very simple;
As you may be able to see. . . .
For a writer’s dream is just to be able to write,
About great new heights or even parasites!
Though it may be gross or even provoked;
It is still a writer’s dream;
To write would be their dream. . . .
So next time you come across a writer;
Make sure he or she has a pen and paper;
To write you a fairy tale.
For a fairy tale is only the beginning of a writer’s dream. . .

There is one candle of love and courage,
Its the candle in the hearts of you and me.
The only way to see it, is to share it.
The love we share is like one flame.
The flame is part of one candle, and it tells
of love and sacrifice
Your flame is my strength and my courage.
I can’t survive without your light burning in my heart
Its the light of hope and laughter,
And it lasts everafter
Everyone who sees it believes in it.
You’re the candle that cares for me,
Cause your candle protects me with all the above
I love you mom